Results for 2/20/14

FEB 20, 2014 RESULTS


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  1. Bob Escobedo says:

    My total gross score for the Feb 20th tournament was 99 not 100. I had 49 on the front nine and 50 on the back. Our score keeper had me down for 49 on the front, so the error must be on the back 9. My card should read 8,6,6,7,4,4,6,3,6.

  2. says:

    Your scorecard for the back read 8,6,7,7,4,4,6,3,6. The scorekeeper added that up as 50 but it should have been 51. All I can do is go with the scores written for each hole. The computer figures out the total. I check it if it disagrees with the card but as long as I entered the scores as posted, that’s what I go with. If you had a 6 on #12 your gripe is with your scorekeeper because he wrote down a 7. Always check your scorecard to see if you agree with the scorekeeper.

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